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~Summer Sale~

Every piece is hand-painted in a class or for a character design for a class. We need to make room for more ART!

Art Regular price $18-$42 each - BUT for the summer sale get your favorites for

One for $15 plus $4.95 s/h
Three for $36 plus $8.95 s/h
  • Each art piece has been given a number shown in the top right corner of the artwork.
  • Please list the piece number in the form when making a purchase!
  • They will be marked SOLD if that piece is not available.
Thank you for your support!
We can only ship in the USA right now. 
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Need unique gift ideas? Give a gift class of art lessons - ART with Albright

Beautiful printable/ sharable Gift Card to Send to your Artist

Gift an Art Class

The Gift to Draw, Paint & Create (Comes with Printable Gift Card)
$ 15 for any ONE class
$ 28 for any TWO classes
$ 42 for any THREE classes
$ 56 for any FOUR classes

To make your gift selection, a drop-down menu will appear after selecting the "Choose Option" button below.
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Q:  Paypal site doesn't seem to be working for payment.  What should I do?

The solution is to update your version of Google Chrome and then go back thru the checkout process.  I haven't been able to confirm that this is a problem with other web browsers, but follow the same process.

If you try this and it still doesn't work, just email me and I will generate a direct invoice.

Unfortunately, this is not within my control and is an issue with 3rd party applications.  We have found that there is an issue between Google Chrome browser and Paypal checkout.  The problem seems to be when Chrome or Paypal make an update to their software apps and their websites.