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Private Art Lessons Online

Private art lessons and personal art classes by artist Emily Albright
Private Art Lessons. Have Your Own Personal Art Tutor with Artist Emily Albight.
Keep your artist drawing and creating!

Private art lessons are a perfect way to get your artist growing on specific things they desire.

With a private lesson you can choose the medium, skill level, and even the character or animal your artist wants to create!

One fee per family!  It is best if you contact me first before completing your purchase for the agreed-upon final payment amount.  Once agreed, proceed thru the checkout button below.

Drawing, Charcoal Drawing, and Watercolor painting 

~Choose from my currently available artwork & lessons (browse my various website pages for pix & ideas)
  • 30-minute lesson = $30
  • 45-minute lesson = $45
  • 60-minute lesson = $60

~Private lessons Bundle 180 minutes (3 Hours)
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Private Art Lessons by Artist Emily Albright