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Inspire Your Creativity!

If you can write your name, I can teach you to DRAW, PAINT, and CREATE!   Have you always thought being artistic is too hard? Feel like creating art is a talent that you have to be born with? Well, you CAN learn these skills, and artist Emily Albright can teach you how to get started on your journey. Easy to draw and easy to paint art lessons that everyone of all ages can do!

 Do you desire to be creative thru art?
  • Art develops problem-solving skills.  
  • Art engages the creative mind.
  • Art will allow you to express emotions that may be difficult in other ways (words / social interactions).
  • Art will build confidence in your abilities.
  • Art allows connection with other people.
  • Art develops fine motor skills.
  • Art is FUN!

​I can help nurture YOUR creativity thru how YOU best learn.  Whether that is face-to-face (at location or online) or through the power of video-on-demand.

Find a local class, Special Event, draw in our online LIVE classroom, or keep your artist drawing anytime with our private video collection!

Make your event special with ART with Albright!
We can teach your group (Girl Scouts, Girl Guides, Birthday Party, corporate events, church/social events, etc.) how to draw, or paint! 

Art for Kids of All Ages and Stages!

(even the young at heart)

inspire artist imagination draw paint create emily albright
Inspire your Artists Imagination. Draw. Paint. Create! ART with Albright
Offering LIVE online art classes
Art For Kids All Ages and Stages!
Central Time Zone

  • ADVANCED drawing skills
  • PAINTING classes 
  • DRAW for ages 6+
  • Special Event Painting Classes on Saturday
  • Homeschool ART Classes
  • Private Groups (Girl Scouts, Girl Guides, Birthday Party, etc.)
  • Art Camps
Each class is all-inclusive and we create new and exciting things to keep your artist using their imagination! We will explore new mediums and create the things your artist wants! That's right!  I create each lesson with the suggestions your artists give me to draw and create the art they want!
All month long one fee!
Or pay $15 per class with our choose a class option!

We are in Texas with U.S. Central Time Zone.

Upcoming Class Schedule

  • One fee per family of $15 for each class hour
  • Bundle Membership - gives you access to classes at BIG SAVINGS.
  • Need a gift?  Why not gift a lesson with a gift card from Emily!  
  • Homeschool ART Classes
  • Please note all classes are U.S. Central Time Zone.

Does your schedule conflict with Live Class options?
No problem!  Try ON-DEMAND video.

  • Always available when you are.
  • Works with any web-capable device.
  • Also, a great way to supplement Live class to keep your artists drawing and enhancing their skills!

ON-Demand video

Keep Drawing Art with Albright on demand video is on-demand video from Artist Emily Albright. Learn to draw and paint from anywhere on any device
  • Ad free site.  Safe viewing for all ages.
  • Value priced for any budget. 
  • FREE Trial
More About ON-DEMAND Video

Draw. Paint. CREATE!  Teaching FUN Art for Kids 

Instructor is beyond talented. She encourages students to be creative and is supportive when they share their creations. I loved how she was silly right along with them. It almost caught my son off guard. I don't think he's use to his instructors being so silly/funny and on his level. I loved it and appreciated it. Bravo! We need more teachers like you!
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   — Christy K
My daughter is a huge Wings of Fire fan and she had a great time during this class. She loves drawing dragons and learned a lot about using watercolor paints. She is already asking to sign up for another session. Thank you!
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   — Julie B
My 10-year-old daughter loved this class, and I could tell by her attention and sketching and painting, that the teacher was guiding them well. My daughter was so proud of her final painting, and I was impressed too!
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   — Lindsay W
This was such a fun and unique class! My daughter said, "I loved it! I learned new techniques for watercolor, and I thoroughly enjoyed the no-line design."
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   — Nicole H
This is my daughter's second class with Ms. Emily and both times she has immediately asked for another class and even began searching for the exact classes she wants to take with Emily. After class is over she draws for many more hours applying what she has learned. Today she is passing along her knowledge to her younger brother and teaching him the same techniques.  She tells me she really likes the teachers instructional style and the pace of the class.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   — Elizabeth