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Inspire Your Creativity!

If you can write your name, I can teach you to DRAW, to PAINT, and to CREATE!   Have you always thought being artistic is too hard? Feel like creating art is a talent that you have to be born with? Well, you CAN learn these skills and Emily Albright can teach you how to get started on your journey. Easy to draw and easy to paint art lessons that everyone of all ages can do!

 Do you desire to be creative thru art?
  • Art develops problem-solving skills.  
  • Art engages the creative mind.
  • Art will allow you to express emotions that may be difficult in other ways (words / social interactions).
  • Art will build confidence in your abilities.
  • Art allows connection with other people.
  • Art develops fine motor skills.
  • Art is FUN!

​I can help nurture YOUR creativity thru how YOU best learn.  Whether that is face-to-face (at location or online) or through the power of video-on-demand.

Find a local class, Special Event, draw in our online LIVE classroom, or keep your artist drawing anytime with our private video collection!

Make your event special with ART with Albright!
We can teach your group how to draw, paint, or even plant a succulent! 
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Offering LIVE online art classes
For All Ages and Stages!
  • ADVANCED drawing skills  on Monday
  • PAINTING classes on Tuesday 
  • DRAW for ages 6+ on Thursday
  • Special Event Painting Classes on Saturday
  • Homeschool Semester ART Classes
    Spring Semester  ~18 weeks
    January 18  - May 25, 2021

    Every Tuesday 1:00 - 2:00 PM

  • We are in Texas with Central Time Zone​​​​​​
Each class is all-inclusive and we create new and exciting things to keep your artist using their imagination! We will explore new mediums and create the things your artist wants! That's right!  I create each lesson with the suggestions your artists give me to draw and create the art they want!
All month long one fee!
Or pay $15 per class with our choose a class option!
Homeschool Classes pay by semester!
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Upcoming Class Schedule

  • One fee per family of $15 for each class hour
  • Monthly Membership - gives you access to every class available that month at BIG SAVINGS.
  • Need a gift?  Why not gift a lesson with a gift card from Emily!  
  • We also offer private online art lessons by the hour for all mediums!
  • Homeschool Semester ART Classes
    Spring Semester  ~18 weeks
    January 18  - May 25, 2021
    Every Tuesday 1:00 - 2:00 PM

            We take one week off in March for Spring Break!
        Every class is new and exciting!

        Full Semester $216 One Day a week
                One fee per family!
        Choose a class for $15 each!

Acrylic Painting class
For All Ages and Stages!
February 20, 4 PM - 5:30
One $28 fee per Family




2021 feb for real

Homeschool ART Classes

2021 spring hs

Does your schedule conflict with Live Class options?
No problem!  Try ON-DEMAND video.

  • Always available when you are.
  • Works with any web-capable device.
  • Also, a great way to supplement Live class to keep your artists drawing and enhancing their skills!

ON-Demand video

Keep drawing art with albright 10
  • Ad free site.  Safe viewing for all ages.
  • Value priced for any budget. 
  • FREE Trial
More About ON-DEMAND Video

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