Private Online Art Lessons

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Keep your artist drawing and creating!

Private online art classes are a perfect way to get your artist growing on specific things they desire.

With a private lesson you can choose the medium, skill level, and even the character or animal your artist wants to create!

One fee per family!  Once you pay for the desired time, Emily will contact you to set a time for class and go over the details.

Drawing, Acrylic Painting, and Watercolor painting

Buy now and use the lessons anytime!  They never expire!  Great holiday gift ideas!
Private online lesson options:
60 Minute Lesson - $45
90 Minute Lesson - $65
Four Lessons - 60 Minutes Each Lesson $165
Two Lessons - 90 Minute Each Lesson $125

Gift a 60 Minute Private Lesson $45
Gift a 90 Minute Private Lesson $65
Gift TWO 90 Minute Private Lessons $125

Need a gift?  Why not gift a lesson with a gift card from Emily!

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Q:  Paypal site doesn't seem to be working for payment.  What should I do?

The solution is to update your version of Google Chrome and then go back thru the checkout process.  I haven't been able to confirm that this is a problem with other web browsers, but follow the same process.

If you try this and it still doesn't work, just email me and I will generate a direct invoice.

Unfortunately, this is not within my control and is an issue with 3rd party applications.  We have found that there is an issue between Google Chrome browser and Paypal checkout.  The problem seems to be when Chrome or Paypal make an update to their software apps and their websites.